Continuous process improvement is a rule at Metalpres Donati

Continuously improving to more efficiently and effectively meet market demand, optimising flows, reducing process time and enhancing employee professionalism. This is the goal set by the Metalpres Donati mechanical processing department: an ambitious goal pursued by four internal work teams.

The first team focuses on production flow optimisation, concerning eight lines where the part if processed, cleaned, checked and packaged according to a highly automated process. The second team focuses on improving machine set-up time to reduce scraps at production start. The third team focuses on optimising work cycles, also by introducing new types of tools offered on the market.

Lastly, the fourth work team focuses on programming and personnel training courses specific to their job positions: riggers, machine operators, quality workers. These are training and refresher courses that are periodically offered in association with the main robot and numeric control machine manufacturers and with the DIMI (University of Brescia Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering) and the Brescia CSMT.