Human capital
Human capital and research
the pillars of our
constant growth.
Human capital and research
the pillars of ourconstant growth.
The development of human capital and investment in research and development are two other cornerstones of Metalpres Donati which has guaranteed a growth and continuity to grow solidly.
There is a vision based on foresight and a sense of responsibility, a vision that is constantly projected into a future that is passionately achieved and initiated at that moment. Without strong investments in research and development and in the professional training of human capital, the excellence and perfection of products and services, which are the hallmarks, would not be possible. Metalpres Donati strongly believe that machinery technology and production processes must always be on the cutting-edge. At the same time the foundations of past, present and future growth are and must always be people.
The development of dedicated research and a training centre is true to that vision. Metalpres Donati constantly work with universities, where specialised staff teach courses, and from which recruitment from the best graduates are chosen so they can grow together with the company. Metalpres Donati believe that a winning company should be primarily built on people and with professionals who are able to work in teams in order to achieve the best results. A common goal: to satisfy our customers.
The value
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