Pioneers of
a solid group
with a global vision.
Pioneers of a solid group
with a global vision.
Metalpres Donati was founded in 1969 and was the first company of Donati Holding - a group that has experienced strong and constant growth in the sectors of die-casting, office furnishings and outdoor architectural lighting.
The result - a global vision with a two-fold value. Global in geographical terms: being directly present in the country with manufacturing plants in the Asian and US markets which means customer needs can be met. Global in terms of a strategic horizon: a vision that was inherited from the first Metalpres Donati company which has become one of the reference points in the market for aluminium
die casting for the automotive sector and which has given life to other companies within the group - Donati Spa and Platek Srl. Donati Spa is a leader in the production of components for office furnishings. Platek Srl, well-known in the world of architecture, manufactures articles for the architectural lighting of outdoor spaces and urban furnishings. These different but complementary companies together are able to create an in-depth knowhow at group level
in the different phases of the production process - from design to manufacturing of components as well as semi-finished and finished products. The fundamental outcome of this vision enables Metalpres Donati today to receive vital feedback from the same companies. This is the main objective: to give life to a pre-assembled product - ready for use on the assembly line.
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